The word She_borg is a term coined by Christy Chow, derived from the term cyborg(cybernetic organism), referring to the mixture of organism and electronic machines. In popular culture, the male cyborg is dominant over the feminine . When we think of the word ‘Cyborg’, we are more likely thinking of the masculine and powerful male characters in movies such as the Justice League or Terminator. Even though we might often see female cyborgs such as Scarlett Johannsson in Ghost in the Shell, their images often imitate that of the masculine figures with a sexual twist. Cyborg representations are often alienated from our daily life. However, in reality, cybernetic enhancements have already penetrated our everyday life. In this solo exhibition, Christy Chow focuses on women's cybernetic transformation, using multimedia media to express the new ethics on the female body in an age of artificial intelligence.