30 July – 10 September 2020

A Concept Gallery proudly presents the solo exhibition by CHAN Keng Tin titled Far and Close. The exhibition will showcase his unique style of painting, which is an uplifting and transcendence from conventional landscape painting. The exhibition will run from July 30 to September 10, 2020.


In Spiritual Mountains, the magnificent hills stand in the darkness and stretch out endlessly. The simple use of three colors, black, white, and blue, successfully creates a breathtaking atmosphere. The artist uses ink to depict the depth of the sky, and the painting shows the desolation of a deserted place. The meandering of the mountains renders the most captivating scenery and Chan’s symbolic "fragments" among them further add sparkles. These fragments are like broken rocks, in a way similar to embellishing with moss dots or forest leaves, soften the sharp edges and straight outlines of the mountains, giving the whole picture a vivid and dreamy mood. Stay for a Long While is a set of three works. A few lonely dead branches gaze across the shore on the vast snowy ground. A trail of prints silently embedded on the crystal white surface. The artist's clever technique of using white space to create the effect of chilliness in air presents viewers a sense of other-worldly tranquility. Everlasting River in Heavenly Garden is fantastical and mesmerizing, with wispy clouds and mist circling around the mountains. Chan makes good use of the different shapes, heights, angles, and directions of the mountains to stack extend and radiate outwards, forming a continuous pulsating relationship, resulting in an added vibrant rhythm to the stillness and creating an illusionary, magnificent and undulating supernatural landscape.


For media enquiries, please contact: +852 2547 9115 (Ms. Tong, mobile: 9815 1681).