Drifting in Exploration

05 December 2019 - 18 January 2020

Exhibition LOGO_white-10.png

The exhibition features selected artworks from Yen’s series of Journey of Exploration which is the second volume of the cli-fi trilogy, Drifting In the Future . Since 2013, Yen Ching-Chieh became a cli-fi (or climate fiction), storyteller and combined the steampunk style with a fictional ecosystem to fantasize about an animal-centric world view in a future setting. The fictional world takes place in hundreds of years in the future, when the earth is no longer suitable for human habitation, and the creatures on the earth have evolved in order to survive in a hostile environment. Many animals have become gigantic and integrated with the natural environment. The land, sea and many living things on the earth evolve and cohabit into a never-before-seen manner. At the same time, the electricity, lights, machines and other technologies left by human ancestors are combined with the organism to form a new polymer of life.

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